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Before ordering, please keep in mind that I need 4-5 days before your event to insure the highest quality of cake.

Ordering on line.  Here is a helpful guideline to ordering a cake on this website:

1.  What flavor of cake would you like: 

        *Don't see the flavor you are looking for?  No worries!  Tell me what flavor you want, and we'll do it!

2. What size cake?  Are cupities better?

3.  What design do you want? 

   * Look for inspiration in the Gallery:  What will make you happiest:  fondant flowers or bouquets?  Cute animals?  Please note that the Gallery has some examples of my work, and I am more than happy to consult with you on your vision.   Something from a picture that you have? **

4.  Contact me with your order!

5.  I will reply to you with a phone call to confirm your order.

!!Another way to order your cake is to call me with this information, then i can reply to you directly when you make your order.

** If you want a replica of a cake that you have seen a picture is necessary for me to create it for you.

Let's create beautiful desserts together!

***Due to the custom nature of each cake and design the cost will be different based on the individual vision.  Quotes can be given over the phone, and the base line prices are listed on the Menu page.  Thank you for understanding.